Martin Ratcliff

Musician with Same Old Places

After discussions with the rest of Venus Twist in late September 2012 it became unfortunately apparent that only Martin Ratcliff and Stephen Tait, wanted to get back in the studio. Faced with the choice of continuing as Venus Twist or creating a splinter project, they decided to create a new direction. So Same Old Places was formed with the idea of primarily just doing studio work. There was also the idea that they could record with anyone else who wanted to contribute to the project. So, they begin recording over 50 songs. Old songs from the back catalogue never used, and a new album. These songs were released in 2016 in various EP’s alongside all the Venus Twist albums. This also brought about the first “Places” studio album. Bumpy Ride. Today Martin continues to work as Same Old Places and a new album is due for release almost always.