Mark Dundore

Story (from the official St. John's Dilemma website!)

Mark Dundore was that fat kid who started playing the tuba when he was 10 years old, simply because his giant fingers weren’t built for anything else. After adding piano, bass trombone, and harmonica to his arsenal, Mark went to college, where he played, sang, and ultimately graduated Cum Laude with a degree in Music Composition (he also studied conducting, but we don’t talk about that). After taking graduate courses and proudly earning half of a Master of Music Composition degree, Mark returned to his hometown of Harrisburg, and immediately started reminding people that yes, he still played. As such, he’s available as a private instructor, session and pit orchestra player, and serves as Principal Tuba in not one but TWO local orchestras. In addition, Mark recently earned the distinction of CHAMPION in Mixed Brass Duets at the 2018 Drum Corps Associates National Championship, with his friend and mentor, trumpeter Jorge Trevino. Mark and his wife, Andrea, live in Harrisburg, where they try to stay several steps ahead of the government. In his spare time, Mark enjoys reading and petting bunnies. Other than that, he has no spare time whatso-bloody-ever. P.S. Mark needs a bass trombone, ophicleide, cimbasso, and serpent. Go fund us!