Mario Athan


My name is Mario Athan and here is my music story: I study in a musical high school in Greece, isn't it awsome?, music had and has a huge influence in me from 7 years old. I started by playing piano (I still do this is the 9th year) and then some years after around eight or nine years old I joined the choir of my conservatory. Then a year later the conservatory closed and I experienced true difficulties for around 3 years with lot of ups and downs. Then I took the examinations to enter the musical high school and I made it! From then my life is full of music... and then when I turned 14 years old singing became my huge passion and I can't live without it. I study my a*s off on singing, I'm reading books watching videos/seminars everything and when a single day passes without singing I feel truly sick... and sometimes I think that if I won't be a singer my life will be just... trash!