Marco Galvan


I am an engineer and musician that loves everything related with sound: music, audio, acoustics, music technology, sound design, composing, arranging, performing, music production, you name it! I have been working with music since I was 12 years old and I have played music for almost my entire life: keyboard, bass, some drums and guitar. Then I went for a BSc degree in Engineering majoring Acoustics and since then I have worked in many areas of Audio Engineering too. I love producing every kind of music: folk, electronica, rock, pop, jazz, RnB, etc. I can work as a recording, mixing or mastering engineer but I also love live sound. I am a natural music composer, I hear music in my head everyday, I love music improvisation and I believe that true music is about feeling and expression, no matter what style. I can create music or sound for almost any kind of project: TV, film, spots, video games, etc. Currently I am also involved in music and audio education. I'm an associate professor at the School of the Arts in the Anahuac University and I am very interested in digital audio developments, like DSP, music and audio software, auralization, acoustic simulation, etc.