Marcin Viiviivii


MARCIN VIIVIIVII is a American Performing & Recording Artist. Since day one in 2012 he has recorded, mixed, mastered & wrote all the lyrics for every song he has released. He has since released 4 mixtapes, 1 EP & his debut album “Next Level” with a multitude of singles. Most notably “Don’t Care” & “Gladiator” MARCIN VIIVIIVII although being considered a “Rapper” by most. He creates his own unique style of music. He has incorporated a multitude of genres into his version of rap. Which makes every song a completely unique experience from the last. His main genres are: Rap, Hip-Hop, Punk & Trap. From humble beginnings he takes pride in being 100% self made without a major deal or any industry connections. He created his own label in 2012. He is the sole creator and owner of Fvck Muzic Records which consists of 2 artists, Himself & Kirra Mythodical. since 2018, he has produced all his own beats (excluding the production on remixes) But where MARCIN VIIVIIVII goes over the top is with his directing and video editing skills. He has been actively editing videos for almost 10 years. He started around 2011 with making skate video’s, which are still on YouTube to this day! MARCIN VIIVIIVII has performed all over the United States, most notably Chicago, Los Angeles & Seattle. He has performed with acts such as, Lil Debbie, Chris Webby, Kosha Dillz & More. You can find his music on all major streaming platforms from Apple Music to Spotify.







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