Mal Peagam-phillips


"A Likely Story" is what happens when Mal is left free to roam unsupervised with assorted musical instruments, home recording software and a bunch of half-baked ideas. The original intent was to prove that immense musical talent is not a prerequisite for cobbling together a few songs but fueled by dubious wisdom, potentially lethal doses of caffeine and a frequent salty turn of phrase Mal hatched a diabolical plan to discharge his musical missiles Kim Jong-un style on an unsuspecting (and undeserving) world. Many hours were spent masking cock-ups behind oceans of reverb and echo until twelve tracks eventually marshaled themselves sufficiently to form an album titled "Fear Of Being Normal". Other tracks were recorded but were arrested by the quality control police on public nuisance offenses. All songs were written, played and recorded by me, mainly because nobody else wanted anything to do with 'em. If ya likes this stuff that's nice. If you don't then that's fine too. I have no rock-star aspirations. There will be no band or gigs (been there, done that!). I do this just for me ... and because I can.