Major Dreamin


Born in Holland, 27th of May 1995. Dylan Laurens aka Major Dreamin' made his way through all negativity he was surrounded by and created his own positive environment. "Everybody should know, all that you desire is there to have when u put your mind to it, don't ever let people tell you there's a limit, limits are illusions to mislead the mind.” After his debut-single Up Down Girl together with Badd Dimes & KOACH he managed to achieve over the 200K streams, this particular song has been played over various radio stations and clubs throughout The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Due to this succes he became more of a known name in the Dutch music industry. When he met Poor Thomas and started workin' with him weekly, alot of things changed, for example every Dutch Afro/Dancehall song was from that day on added to official Spotify Editorial playlists such as La Vida Loca, Vibes, New Music Friday NL & New Music Friday BE. He studied at ’Dutch Pop Academy' to improve his skills around music. The main goal is to put his label/crew on the map, wich also includes many artists like the producer ’Poor Thomas’, visual directors from ‘Pepeditss’ and the Barbershop 'YourVison’. Major already is the first rapper to combine English and Dutch the way he does. Artists he worked with; Digitzz, Adje, Freddy Moreira, Willie Wartaal, Delany, Kempi, Badd Dimes, KOACH, Rafello, Lemonface, Darin G., Jae Fly, THEZ, Chevelly. All releases done by '.BROWNHIPPYlifestyle’.





What is music to you? What does it give you?

Music is the steam i blow off when i'm feeling down, also the fire when i'm feeling great. Makes me really put my emotions in a record that can actually resonate with the people that listen to my music.