Mad Dog Friedman

Mad Dog Friedman

Mad Dog writes from the moment and sings from his heart. Although mostly known for his amazing blues harmonica, he is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and songwriter. He influences include sources as divergent as William Butler Yeats and the delta blues. He has been featured on numerous recordings on harmonica, vocals, spoken word, Theremin, Theremini, Native American flute and assorted percussion. His songwriting is sincere, simple and often humorous. His spontaneous musical compositions often involve experimental electronic sound sculpting using the Theremin. His music and poetry have been played on TV & radio stations around the world. He has recorded numerous solo projects as well as with Papa Juke, Mojo Medicine Show, Dan Hertel (Verses The Inevitable), Alex Bernat, Kristin McLean, Jenn Cleary, Rex Peoples, Johnny Johnston, Felonius Smith, Chris Hammong, Shawn Wright, Yo Yo Ma and Derek Trucks.