Ludovica Songz


Born and raised outside of Rome, Italy Ludovica moved by herself to the States at age 16. Having been raised by a musical family, she grew up knowing she was always going to be tied into music somehow, she just didn’t know how yet. She started by getting classically trained in her early teenage years, but ended up recognizing there was a soulfulness to her voice she needed to discover. After years of study, she quit Opera and all of the instruments she had picked up because of it, such as violin, flute and piano and took a break from singing. This is when Ludovica ventured into competing regionally in horse-back riding, modern dancing, and painting. She started attending The G. Misticoni State Artistic Institute in her hometown, Pescara. She started doing street art, graffiti, sculpting, portrait drawing and really diving into anatomy. With a solid familiarity in art history and the urban scene, Ludovica was recognized by the city on many occasions, winning many awards in different art showcases of local museums, and really conquering the street- art world in the most concentrated hubs of the city. She was loving what she was doing, but it got to a point where her surroundings, the people, her subbours, and the environment were growing uncontrollably more violent. So, she decided to leave. Leave somewhere she was going to be able to still keep doing what she loved in hope that one day she could take it back to her point of origin. So with no further ado, she got accepted to a high school in Pleasant Grove, UT and flew for the very first time with one suitcase and moved across the globe. August of 2012 is when she landed and started her new high school experience in America. She kept reminding herself what she went to the States for, so she enrolled in as many art classes as possible but very quickly noticed, it wasn’t quite the same. She kept going for a year and then when the school year was over she decided to quit, get a GED outside of the program and dive right into College, this time studying Political Science. Ludovica started thinking, “maybe if I can get a grasp of politics, I’ll be able to fix my hometown. I’ll be able to get rid of the poverty, extirpate all the violence and the drugs. Maybe if I study politics I can become a diplomat, a figure of change for my country.” One year into the program, which she was loving, Ludovica was driving to school on a regular day, when she gets into a terrible car accident and a bus crashes into her car, totaling it and leaving her immoble to her seat. Before realizing her damages, the ambulance came over to check on her and they proposed for her to get hospitalized.. They asked for her information and her insurance but couldn’t provide anything, so to avoid the costs, which would have been high, she declined the offer and got escorted out of her car. The following nights were very intense. Her head swollen, leaving a visible crack in her forehead, two bleeding eyes and a bruised body. She remembers the experience as absolutely physically painless but emotionally draining. She couldn't recognize her features looking into the mirror and this is where she started wondering whether she had lost a chance in life, and if so why she was kept here. With the healing process, and missing a few days of school, she felt a warm feeling rushing through her body that kept her calm about the future, and was through that peace that she started deciphering that she had forgotten about something that used to make her feel so whole as a child, singing. She realized she didn’t need to mute her true love in order to make a change, but instead to bloom the very thing someone is passionate about because those spark an even brighter light for whom we are trying to impact. She understood we don’t need to bury our flame, orelse it will slowly bury us. At this point Ludovica was 18 years old, and she started picking up piano again, and also guitar, and was finally tapping into writing and vocalizing the things that she had been through. She started recording her first projects and loved the feeling of singing in a lower register, expressing what was coming out of her, and modulating her voice as she wanted to. That soulfulness was awakening. She remembered the promise she made herself, her people were looking up to her for the decision she had made by coming to the States so, even though music had found its way back into her life, she decided to finish her degree, this time in Public Relations. Days after she walked the stage as a first generation Italian American graduate, she booked a flight and spent some time in Los Angeles, writing, recording, and networking. She recorded her first single “TMHLMS - Trust My Heart Love Myself” and a collaboration piece featuring a California based Artist. She started growing her team and really got serious into writing, built her own studio and produced over 26 songs in one year during the 2020 global pandemic. Mid year into her career Ludovica had already surpassed her first 180K views, 80K all-time streams, and 60K Spotify monthly listeners. Released her first record label collaboration through EMPIRE Distribution, Inc. on her LudovicaVEVO “Reason” featuring award-winning recording artist King Kanja born in London, UK from Kenyan Family, raised in the DMV area. Not being tired of being a student Ludovica took another break to realize that the public relations bachelor's gave her the tools to self-managing, branding, and really promoting herself on an independent level, but she felt the need to get back to the school desk and learn a bit more about music history and what industry she was getting into. That’s when Ludovica enrolled in the NYU Tisch Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music Billboard & Music Leaders in the “Music Business” program and graduated after 11 months. In the meantime, to keep singing and being creative, she started taking lessons from Stevie Mackey, singer and vocal coach from Los Angeles, California and personal coach of Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, Jhené Aiko and more, and Salt Lake City based coach Mindy Pack, vocal coach of Miley Cyrus, Sam Smith and more. Ludovica has now made six releases but is working on releasing even more music this year while working on two albums. She has already marked her year by her first release of 2021, “Decline” which became available February 18th and has gained much spark and interest in different demographics, producers, and industry experts around the United States. She will keep on climbing and pushing a legacy she has been working a lifetime bringing forward. Her relentless attitude, her will, her sense of community, and her massime artistic abilities will unfold before our eyes throughout the years through her upcoming projects and we are ready for it. Fun fact: Ludovica became Miss United Nations USA in 2016 and opened her first business, a nonprofit organization called Ludonation where she did charity work and cultural events for the communities involving the arts. Through different donations and fundraising events she was able to gather more than 5,000 items of clothing and hand delivered them to the homeless of Utah. With this cause she was hands on the community and it was all about uplifting the unprivileged and regulating social injustices. She also threw the first “hanging Around The World” Cultural Festival with over 300 attendees, over a dozen different countries’ vendors, featuring over 50 artsists from all over the world. Causes Ludovica is passionate about: All art-forms especially music, abuse, poverty, children, human behavior and social justice.







What is music to you? What does it give you?