Lonnie Goates


Hello everyone, my name is Lonnie and I am a musician/singer/songwriter from Prescott Arizona. First I would like to congratulate Melina and her team for creating such a unique site for musicians and songwriters to come together to exchange Ideas/collaborate and present their work, Bravo Melina. I started playing guitar at 6 yrs old and I was playing out professionally at 16 in a 3 piece band performing background and feature songs for a talent show on KSTM radio then a entertainment manager heard us and hired us to play 4 days a week doing live stage shows for our local amusement park-Legend City. After about a year of that I then went on to play in many valley bands and performed from small venues to concert arena's. In 1987 I sold 4 songs for a soundtrack to a low budget melodrama movie called- Close Encounter With The American Dream and at that time I became a lifetime member of ASCAP .Now I am writing and recording all original music and have posted my songs here and on my youtube channel,will post link below.Myself as well as most other songwriters is seeking a long term relationship with a music publisher/record label/producer to help promote my music and find a good home for my songs. Keep playing and writing everyone, the dream is out there, sincerely Lonnie . https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBeUkp8onWF4-HQOoaXRWaA/featured contact info- [email protected]