Livio Romeo

My story

I was born in Rome, but I lived in Brussels in Belgium for about 30 years. I finished my maturity at 18 and in parallel I studied at the Academy of music, pianofortie and solfeggio. I did concerts with my Rock Progressive group and played with various musicians. Back in Rome I gave private lessons, specialization courses, concerts and competitions. I have a diploma of Classical piano and one of 3 years in jazz. I am open to all styles and music that touches me and makes me feel good. Compositions and collaborations is what interests me most at this time, since I do not have much experience in playing and composing with other musicians of completely different styles, but I repeat: I'm open to all genres.







What is music to you? What does it give you?

it s my oxygen valve, my favorite place, my favorite language with which I express my feelings, my calmness refuge that calms me gives me satisfaction and gives me pleasure. Sharing my compositions with others and knowing that I have given them a magic moment makes me happy and satisfied. Without music, I would certainly be much more nervous without control and it would be like missing the voice to express myself Thanks for existing music.