Life In Fiction


With influences like Evanescence, Flyleaf, Alice in Chains, Tool, The Cranberries and In This Moment, singer-songwriters Monica Malaer and Jane Shipwash joined forces in a metal band back in 2009. After years of writing their own material, they decided to collaborate, quickly learning their harmonies were like no other. In 2010 thru 2013, The Lingering was created in Austin, Texas, with Monica on piano and vocals and Jane on rhythm guitar and vocals. They played an opening act at Stubbs in Austin, Texas, for another local and successful Austin band Three33. The Lingering disbanded in late 2013 due to personal issues with other members in the band, but Monica and Jane did not give up on their dream of rocking out together. In 2014, Monica and Jane both searched for other local musicians to form a new band with a new rock/pop/alternative sound. Because Jane is a novelist and their songs are mostly about her fiction, they decided to name the band Life in Fiction (LiF). They played a few shows together before Jane and Monica parted ways. LiF’s members are now vocalist/pianist Monica , drummer Jay Meadors, and their newest addition to the band, bassist Kazam Ali. Passionate about rock , LiF enjoys playing in the Austin area and has played shows in other surrounding cities. With distinguished vocals, powerful beats, and edgy guitar riffs, Life in Fiction can rock the roof off of any house while mixing in some softer, sentimental pieces that make the crowd swoon. “There’s nothing like getting the crowd pumped and then softening their hearts with a heartfelt love song. Our music is very different—very bipolar, if you will [laughs]—but we love to please our crowd.” --Jane Shipwash, Vocalist/Guitarist/Songwriter