Leo Mann


Hi, Im a Singer - musician - composer based in London, with a repertory of compositions and covers from Soul, Jazz, Reggae to Classical, Hip-hop and all between. I've started taking classical singing at the Conservatory of Geneva at the age of 9. My first group was at the age of 16, I remained involved with for 4 years, performing for many gigs, private parties and festivals, recording at studios in France and Switzerland. I've started to take Modern singing courses at the Complete Vocal Education Institute at Geneva in 2009 (that I maintain here). I am currently performing compositions and covers in London, acoustic and with loopers, adding then to the guitar, piano, beat box and harmonies. I also do freestyle, singing and recording sessions, lead singing workshops and concentrate on my first album. www.le0mann.wix.com/leomann What I can do: Sing for sessions, on stage/in studio. Write & play: melody, choir, harmony, bv, chords (piano/guitar) and beat. All the best. Leo