Leo Gillespie


Manchester (UK)born Leo Gillespie has been rambling about most parts of the world ever since the early sixties. Leo is a distinguished poet, songwriter and musician, and has written numerous songs, based on his travel experience. His songs come - as he calls it - straight from the heart.He has woven a network of friends stretching from Reykjavik in the distant North to Phnom Penh in the Far East. He truly deserves his title "Poet of the Street and Open Road" https://youtu.be/tcPf7TnnRsM I met leo about one year ago when i was in Norway. at the time he showed me documentary telling who he is. i was impressed by his life and the way he lives it. Leo is a busker musician, he travels through cities all over the world and brings to people in the street his poetry, his words and melody. last spring Leo stayed at my place in Paris. i had the chance to hear him talk about his life and his expectations. i find him a simple man don't misunderstand this, when i say that he is simple man, i mean that he goes directly to the hearts of things. He told me his stories about the boulevard back in the day and that he would sing to sartre, samuel beckett or Jean Badal. when he was telling me these stories he had that sparkling in his eyes, and i could see not the man, but the boy, the young artist eager to perform and share his work over and over. it lead me me to follow him on a saturday morning in what he calls one of the best places he knows: rue Mouffetard in Paris. i filmed him share his knowledge. i hope that you will be able to feel his voice and that the video doesn't fail in its purpose of grasping a moment of the man's life. the filming nor the editing are that great but i can tell you that listening to this man on the streets is a rare moment of freedom, he gives us the ability to sense time and feel alive for a bit. Thx Leo and i wish you a lot joy down the road. cheers to you,Pierre Vacarini Leo Gillespie stories and songs @leostories