Lucia Correia


Since a very young age I liked to sing, but to be honest, I didn't do it that well and I never had anyone to motivate me in pursuing it. So, when I became an adult, earning my own living I decided that it was time to do something about it. Two years ago I started to take singing lessons and damn, I improved a lot. No, I am not a professional and I am far for perfection, but I am already very comfortable in some tones. I am still working to get a bigger range since my voice is very deep (for a woman) but I'll get there, since the type of songs I like to sing require really high notes. For now, I am living in Lisbon but in September I will be moving to Nottingham, UK, to attend a BSc in Pharmacology at NTU. I am uber excited about it. Since I only have time to practice once a week, I always wanted to have some kind of project to make me practice during week days. Like a cover band or a youtube channel. So yeah.. I talk a lot. This is me.