The Broken Relics


The idea behind The Broken Relics was first born to guitarist Zachary Warmouth in the early days of 2015, but it quickly became the moniker of his own musical endeavors. Zach began writing and crafting his sound while trying to find members who were on board with his vision. It wasn't until three years, and a few lineup changes later that Zach found himself writing music with his younger brother, and now vocalist/rhythm guitarist, Bryce. Their shared blood and taste in music made for a distinct chemistry and shared vision between the two. 
 Shortly after, Zach's hometown friend and college roommate Alex Jakovina stepped in on bass, and drummer Zachary “Potsie” Potkanowicz was recruited by Bryce. The Broken Relics were now a band. The four began the tedious task of crafting their own unique sound. With half the band living in Columbus and half living in their hometown of Austintown, Ohio, the four spent most of 2018 driving back and forth to practice and ultimately write their debut EP With Reverence (released May 2019). With Zach’s dream finally realized, The Broken Relics have just begun to rattle the floorboards, and show no signs of stopping.