Kristoffel Steenhaut


I was born in Belgium where I started to learn piano at the local music school at the age of 7 and graduated at 17 in piano/music history/music theory/bassoon/oboe and trombone. At the age of 18 I studied at the Belgian Arts University department music and graduated after 5 years.At 15 I started my first Folk band and won several contests and made my first LP.From there I joined several Belgian bands and made few hits and in total released 17 albums.I collaborated on stage with icons as Ray Charles/Elton John/Otis Redding/Curtis Mayfield/Queen Ida and many acoustic artists in UK and France.I composed music for TV programs and theatre and Film and trained various musicians in Africa and made arrangements or produced for them.Music is my life and passion for the last 40 years and am open to collaborate with people who take music serious