Killa Aliens Productions


When we speak about music and artists that transcend limits and boundaries or blend genres and styles, we could easily use the track “Low Vibration” by Silent Killa as a prime example. The name Silent Killa has the ring of a rap legend, the music reeks of a psychedelic indie rock star and he croons like an RnB god on hallucinogens. If that alone is not an explosive mix for the ears, then read his introduction: “I’m a Space Cadet From the galaxy Autonnia. I was on a routine space patrol when I was swept away by the supernova known as JIANTKILLA and crash landed on the planet Earth during the Sun Revolution 1952. I was able to turn my mangled ship into a time capsule and wake up in 2016. Today.” The weird thing is that once you switch the music on, you’ll know this statement to be true! In reality (if that still exists here!), the artist Silent Killa, works with his engineer Jiant Killa, and together they represent Killa Aliens Productions. More importantly they represent a breakaway from cookie cut mainstream music. They experiment, they create. It’s not just the words and music, which in itself is superlative, but the arrangement on designs a soundscape that captures and disseminates an aura of tremulant emotion. Silent Killa, who also produced this track, combines so many elements from different music genres that no other artist sounds quite like him. The song was excellently mixed and mastered by Jiantkilla, to help create the eerie atmosphere. Silent Killa truly is a one of a kind artist that does things his way. His way is unique, mysterious, and produces great alternative music. The eclectic beat keeps you moving through its swaying motion into its abyss of uniquely layered rhythm and spacey sounds, with the great icing of Silent Killa’s vocals that you’ll swear is a ghostly alien living inside of your head. This beautiful, haunting, mind-altering music serves as fuel for pondering or even tripping. It puts you into another world against your will to have you chewed up and spit out. Listening to this track is more of an experience than you’ll be able to find in most places. And those who have not had this experience are sad, sad people who stare at the floor when they walk and pass you with an aura of uncoolness. Claustrophobic, obsessive, introspective and haunting by turns, SilentKilla says it best in the chorus: “All of this tension / I can’t move through / Your Low Vibration is bringing me down / All of this frustration / I can’t see through / The Low Vibration is bringing me down”. SilentKilla takes an evolutionary step away from mainstream music’s emptiness to a stripped-to-the-emotional-bones approach, all led by his ethereal, wavering and processed vocals on “Low Vibration”.







What is music to you? What does it give you?

Expression to me. It gives the best release

What is your music dream?

To make music that gives a timeless chill.

If you could change the world - what would you start with?

With removing class status..everyone Elite lol

Which is the most memorable song from your childhood?

Any Michael Jackson song lol

Who are your favorite musical artists or bands?

My top five.. Lupe fiasco, Gap Band, Nirvana, Ghost, Parliament and Funkadelic