Khoja is a 5 piece Death Metal/Groove Metal from Cape Town, South Africa. We strive to perform to our best abilities to provide a visual performance and the best music to offer. Khoja comes wiith years of gigging experience from previous and current projects such as Crooked, The Impalement Theory, The Insomniac Diaries and Nethercyst. SIngle Release: August 2019 EP Release: November 2018 Member Lineup: Paul Rahilly - Vocals (Nethercyst, The Impalement Theory, The Insomniac Diaries) Nate Prentyce - Guitar (Crooked) Dani aka Ikarev - Bass (Desolation of Silence) Troy Riordan - Guitar (Crooked) Nicolas Swanepoel - Drums (Crooked, The Insomniac Diaries)