Kevin Beasom

Musician History

My very first instrument was Trumpet. I played in free offered lessons in Elementary school when I was around 11. To continue I had to do a summer camp which cost and we couldn't afford it, so I had to let it go. I go back into playing music in Junior High when music was a class we had to take in two parts. The first was piano, which I loved and I think my original passion is piano. The second was guitar. We had to learn one song with an Acoustic Guitar. At the time Piano had my full interests. I went through a couple different electric pianos as birthday gifts growing up. I always since then wanted to officially play something. For years I actually had interest in guitar too, but never thought I would have the skills for that. Almost 10 years after graduation, I met a girl who quickly became one of my closest friends. She also happened to be a professional musician and that's when I officially made the choice to learn guitar. I'm a very fast learner and she realized that pretty fast when I started playing a couple things pretty well only three months into it. She said to me in the beginning, "I've never seen anyone learn an instrument that fast, ever! even in college." She continued to teach me in the beginning while I decided to study music theory. I stopped my study so far, because music theory just doesn't make sense to me. In two weeks I memorized all chores, but that's as far as I took it. Some day I would love to study enough to read sheet music, but so far I've settled for just being able to read tabulature sheet music and it's gotten me pretty far. I've been playing for the last almost year and a half and have gotten so far. I mainly focus on learning to play solos of some of my favorite songs can so far play a few whole songs, but I love playing and try evolve my skills in music all the time.