The Warhead


I was 10 years old wen I first starting writing lyrics. I grew up listening to tupac, big pun and Eminem so naturally I found writing as a way to vent my frustrations. I was about 14 years old wen I first started recording and gained experience in the studio. my old foster parent KASP was a well seasoned hip hop artist himself who I ended up living with by chance. with him I got to go on the road and gain experience in networking and stage presence. still to this day a lot of what i learned then is reflected in my effort as an artist today. most of my teenage years were spent in and out of foster homes and living on the street and when I was about 16 or 17 years old I was on the street for good. homelessness has had probably the biggest impact on my life then anything else I can think of and still all I had was my ability to write to keep myself sane as an adult of my generation completely ostracised by society. still being homeless I managed to start my own promotion company from living under a bridge and put whatever money I could get right to investing in traveling and doing shows on the company that myself and a business partner had named Bassisick promotions but as all things do that came to a chaotic end with me being completely screwed over. the one thing that learned from KASP that stayed strongest with me was how to be humble (or atleast try my best) and not to get ahead of myself since being on stage can give you a bit of a god complex. I finally made it to a point in my life where I have a home and my own recording studio so now that my life has changed a new struggle begins to enter the competitive and brutaly honest world of hip hop. if anybody has listened to my music they know im a battle MC first and that's who I will always be.