Kenneth Chia


It came to my attention that I was fascinated with rather alternative and specific forms of music which I found most music school curriculum deviated from. I strongly believe that development of music interest, for me at least, was to emulate guitar heroes I hold in reverence, such as Eric Clapton as well as genres such as Blues, Jazz, Ragtime and some ballads every now and then. Furthermore, it is a fact that legendary guitarists are influenced by others in the same league and in turn become one of the greats themselves. Many of my idols have undertaken this path and have emerged with even stronger nuances by adding in their own art form. Eric Clapton is the epitome of the aforementioned art. His ability to revolutionize the blues, as well as some other genres through his unique interpretations have rendered me spellbound. His arbitrary interpretations, timing, and ‘never play nor sing a song the same way twice’ principle has greatly impacted me to innovate on riffs in a tactful manner that still encapsulates the original spirit of a musical piece. My personal experience resides primarily with acoustic and slide guitar (Dobro) in a couple of genres including blues, jazz, ragtime, classic rock, hokum, gospel music and ballads. My primary influence for the Blues is Eric Clapton and it is through him that I have discovered and adapted from other legendary musicians including Stefan Grossman, Chet Atkins, Doc Watson, John Hammond, Hall and Oates, Jim Croce, Pat Donohue, B.B King, Buddy Guy, Otis Rush, James Taylor, Robert Johnson, Big Bill Broonzy, David Sanborn, Marcus Miller, J.J Cale, Muddy Waters, Tampa Red, Johnny Shines, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, and many others. My passion for music rests fundamentally in its very historical roots dating from the 1900’s which illustrates my interest in iconic musicians who have helped instil the uniqueness of tone and playing styles in artists such as Eric Clapton and others who revolutionized and vaulted once obscure genres into higher degrees of relevance. I am also taken with acapella singing inspired by classic rock bands such as the Eagles and America.