Ken Shelton


I'm not a very good musician like most of you guys; however I've been blessed to have befriended some excellent musicians. I'm a fairly decent songwriter. I believe where possible in keeping a song simple and have the lyric on top where it can be heard and understood.I believe that only a song that can stand on its own without a lot of OVERPRODUCTION can truly be a good song EX.Paul McCartneys Yesterday My roots are found in the singer/songwriter era of the early 70's.I had a couple of cuts on two LPs back in 1971,then completely left the music business for over 46 years. For whatever reason I decided to revisit the craft at the ripe old age of 67. I'm 69 now and would definitely be playing catch up if I was even in the race! LOL My songs are for the most part first person story telling style.Many of my songs can be found on YouTube by searching J K Shelton and clicking on my picture. I also have a FB page ... the Broken Little Heroes Project which I hope you'll check out. My spiritual beliefs are evident in a lot of my work....that's just me. If anyone takes offense ,I'm truly sorry for that most definitely wasn't my intention. Thanks for listening. Ken