Kat- Rick


Karthik Rai (born November 24, 1995) better known by his stage name Kat-Rick is an Urban & Electronic Dance Music Producer & Disc Jockey, Turntablist. He is the owner of the Record Label Fogo Recordings which was founded in 2016. Starting at an early age, Kat-Rick’s love for House Music steered him towards the life of a deejay. It wasn’t long before he learnt and became absorbed by the turntables and developed the desire to perfect his technical skills. He involved himself into music production in early 2011 and been producing house Music when he started and then pushing himself towards Bigroom House music since then he has released many bootlegs and Singles, Constantly evolving and formulating ideas to deliver his work, He is also recognized by his Urban Dancehall, Afrobeats & New School Hip Hop Tunes. Kat-Rick has over 9 years experience. Has grown accustomed to catering his set towards different crowds, playing the club Sophisticated Top 40, Hip Hop/R'n'B, Reggaeton and Dancehall music