Kamal Raza Zaidi


Kamal Raza Zaidi (born 24 Jun 1998) is a Pakistani musician and record producer hails from Lahore, most adjacently associated with the art rock style. Musically aligned with Karachi based experimental music producer Osama Qureshi and also the co-founder of experimental bands BASE-91 and Tone Welders. Kamal started learning guitar back in 2013 at the age of 15, his guitar playing is mostly influenced by the likes of Steven Wilson, Faraz Anwar and David Gilmour. As a little boy, Kamal was inspired by western rock music and grew up listening Porcupine Tree, Dream Theater and Pakistani progressive rock band Mizraab. In 2019, Kamal's musical quest took a major turn when he collaborated with Osama Qureshi where he recorded his first ever guitar work for the track sent to him by Osama via email. Since then he has been involved in various musical collaborations.