JYLDA is the project of singer, songwriter and producer Gianna Gehlhar.  At the age of fourteen she began writing music on the piano and the guitar. A couple of years later she started studying opera singing. During her vocal studies at the conservatory, she felt the urge to escape. She went to San Francisco for several months and performed her songs on the guitar in different clubs and bars in the city. She composed new music at the shore of the pacific ocean, in Golden Gate Park or on on top of Twin Peaks. Back in Germany, she moved to Berlin. Focusing on beat-making and production, she decided to form a band with guitarist Martin Ganzmann. Her alias reflects her connection to classical music: The name derives from Gilda, the main character of the opera „Rigoletto“ by Giuseppe Verdi. The first, self-titled EP by JYLDA was released in 2014 and had a focus on soft electro pop songs. Since 2015 JYLDA’s voice and sound are moving towards a new direction: more raw, more powerful. The new material is still electronic, but with an emphasis on strong songwriting and without shunning big pop gestures. Then again, JYLDA combines playful, experimental and minimalistic elements in her productions.