JX3D - The Noise Maker

I am Henrik J. Larsen, an electronic engineer, technician, programmer, musician and a tweaking synthesizer nerd. I experiment a lot and like to break the rules. When I sometimes (rarely) feel stuck in the same, I usaly take a big turn and do something very different. So do not expect the same again and again. It may happen for a few songs, but then it often turns in mysterius ways. I do have a style though, but it really has no public name :-) I am not a star. I simply haven't got the time for such a silly thing. I'd rather spend my time on making music all the time - when not being with my family or working hard to have this wonderfull life. I make music (and noise) because it is in me and it just has to get out. I simply cannot stop doing it. Oh the name? Well back in the eighties I made some synthesizer mods, and wanted to mod a JX3P (but never had the money to buy it). Then I would have named it JX3D. Instead the name has stuck with my music ever since.