Jussara Shamanaad

Jussara's Bio

Jussara Shamanaad is a Yoga Instructor and mantra music artist. She performs and composes traditional and original devotional songs from the yoga tradition, as well as ethnic, Brazilian genres. An indigenous Brazilian, Jussara's tribal roots inspire her music. Most of her songs use her Nagi harmonium and native Brazilian instruments, and many are sung in Potuguese. She is devoted to Divine Mother Earth. Her passions include nature, animals, sacred sound (Naad) and helping people. One of Jussara’s masters told her: “Each of us has to sing. Just sing your key and your Naad, and feel good. Naad Journey is in the Universe and within each of us." Jussara says: "I sing from my heart and soul. To me, this is true Bhakti. Bhakti is B-ringing, H-eart, A-ction, K-irtan, T-ruth, I-nto, the Universe. This is the goal of my life and my music.