Juliana Wilson


20 years old Argentinian female guitarist with over 55.500 YouTube subscribers (Over 2.7m views) and 79.300 Instagram followers. Finalist on Guitar Fest 2018 (Marty Friedman event) Guitarist on Latinoamerican female G3 with gigs in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Montevideo, Uruguay. Chile and Brasil. I participated in several radio and TV shows and was mentioned by many world famous musicians from Dragonforce, Eruca Sativa, The Warning, and artists like Zakk Wylde, Michael Angelo Batio, Yngwie Malmsteen, Nita Strauss, Lula Bertoldi, Vinnie Moore, Tony McAlpine, Nuno Bettencourt, Victor De Andrés & Colle Rolland. Endorsed by Ibanez, Blackstar, Mooer audio, Turkish strings brand Pitbull Strings, and NPV picks. I'm in the proccess of recording my own songs and planning the release of an album the next year. Currently studying a music career in Buenos Aires, Argentina.