Judeanne Armenti


After 20+ years in Live Music, it's time to share my knowledge and experience with new and established musicians. My experience includes A&R, finances, business management, ticketing, and booking. I will help you understand and navigate the business elements of your career. Knowing the business elements enables you to confidently negotiate and work with other industry professionals - managers, agents, lawyers, labels, etc. The music business has too many cautionary tales and I don't want anyone to fall into those traps in the future. Reach out to me with questions you may have and let's see how we can progress your career. We're located just outside the lovely City of Brotherly (Sisterly) Love, Philadelphia: home of the cheesesteak, the Welcome America festival, the Sound of Philadelphia,the Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff, Hall & Oates, the amazing Jeffrey Gaines, and the newly reformed Wanderlust. Please check out at: jacreativesconsulting.com Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/JA-Creatives-Consulting-LLC) Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/jacreativesconsulting/)