Juan J Velasquez


I'm a 27 years old composer and multi-instrumentalist. I've been living in LA for almost two years now. I just finished the Film Scoring program at UCLA a couple months ago. I studied a jazz performance major back in Venezuela, my home country. Back there, I used to compose, arrange and play for several bands and songwriters, and teach at one of Venezuela's Youth Orchestras. Also worked as a copyist, transcribing and engraving music. Some links to my work: https://www.juanjvelasquez.com/media/ I'm really open minded when it comes to music. I've played from symphonic music to punk, including jazz, salsa, reggae, metal, and many other genres. I'm skillful at composing, arranging and orchestrating. Even though the bass is my main instrument, I play the Venezuelan cuatro, a traditional instrument I consider my main one as well, and I also play some guitar, ukulele, bongos, piano, trombone and sing. I used to sing in a choir as a baritone some years ago, while I was in college (I’m a tenor, though).