Babi Tre Syskayl


Babi Tre is Joshua K. Osborne born and raised in Amarillo Texas. At the age of 11 he wrote his first christian rap after hearing a mixtape that featured 12th Tribe, D-Boy, P.I.D., Mc Gee Gee, Bernard Wright and many others. With the support of his family and friends he helped create the group later known as Chillin’ With Jesus with former member Abe White aka NoOneInParticular, which won them many talent shows. As a teenager, unfortunately, he got mixed up in drugs, alcohol, gang life and gangsta rap. In 1997 he was signed to Major Indictment Records with the group Thug Disciples. In 2000, he was in a horrific car accident that almost took his life. He has been sober for many years and has been in the lab ever since creating new sounds and crafting his own style of Rock, Pop, Rap, and Gospel with a somewhat Techno twist which borders on experimental and mixing different coastal styles. He currently resides in Amarillo, Tx. and has many dedicated fans. He is engaged to Shawna Moyers, has a 2 loving sons and 3 beautiful daughters.