Joseph Giancini

A Brief Summary of My Music Journey

I started off as a trumpet player in my grade school band. Losing interest, I quit and later moved to guitar at the age of 14. I wanted to improve my timing as a guitarist so I ended up joining my high school band as a percussionist. When I was around 16 years old, I began learning how to use DAWs starting off with a mobile one for my iPod touch. I would stay up all night creating a diverse library of music using virtual instruments. Later on in high school started recording with GarageBand at a friend's house. His parents were wealthy and had his own hobby recording studio. With the knowledge I gained from using my mobile DAW, I quickly started understanding how to use GarageBand. I had fun recording in high school. However, things changed once I graduated. I no longer had easy access to a home studio. So, I just made my own. Not going into many details, I went from GarageBand to Mixcraft, used an discontinued audio interface that was given to me and got my hands on a Shure SM57. From there, I started releasing music and learning a wide variety of software including ones outside of music production to help me in my music career. I continue to pursue music and always will.