Jordi Lozone


Lozone soul musician, who rides between genres of Rock, Pop, World, Indie, experimental, wanting to pass through every note of his creations. In addition to the composition of its subjects, Lozone will record and edit each of the tracks, allowing you to work strengthening personality all his works. With the coming of the millennium began composing the first songs with Rafa O. Loppipero (GreenCoffe), and later formed a band but failed a year of existence. Over time he composes his first solo pieces that will be used by artists as personal circle and soundtrack of the play "Bocas Mudas" Company "Rompanfilas". During this time you start selecting some of these songs just to go looking for some common ground between them and a sound that was characteristic of his work. In 2007 he decided to publish the first version of "last resort", which comes to the fore notably their first single with the same name as the album. In 2008, the magazine includes in its disc Bunburyclub Zone Step "Laughter Empire" theme Lozone included in the album "The last option". In 2011 she decides to tackle a new project, and after traveling to Mexico, outlines what will be the new lyrics. In 2014 "Logbook" published an album with 12 songs where bets by mixing melodies with electronic effects creating an analog / digital sound that identifies him in his own style. On September 11, 2015 which is published his latest work "Pancha Maha Bhuta" an instrumental proposal that combines cimáticas frequencies with suggestive environments.