Born in the greater Boston area of Milton, Massachusetts, JonVair aka. Emmanuel Janvier was bred for basketball. Standing at a towering 6’7”, his athletic abilities earned him several accolades throughout his middle school, high school, and college years.  Despite these achievements, Emmanuel’s passion always brought him back to music. Starting in a church choir at 7, Emmanuel juggled basketball practices with choir rehearsals and alternated between games and performances. It wasn’t until the beginning of his third year in college where Emmanuel made the bold choice that changed the direction he wanted for his future. He left a starting position on his basketball team for a leading role in a musical.  His decision was met with disbelief and naysayers, however, his commitment towards music allowed him to reach his true identity.  Now performing under the moniker, JonVair, his music embodies a marriage of Pop and R&B sounds behind a soul-influenced voice. In anticipation of his album, he released his singles, Poison and Angels Prone, and were both met with high esteem.