Jonathan Jones


Jonezy is a 27 year old Music Artist & Songwriter from Leicester. He brings a creative and positive vibe to all music scenes, with strong interactive live performances. Jonezy has molded multiple genre's he loves into his own style & approach that is open to all audiences. Offering clean, exciting and energetic performances with positive messages. His unique approach to music has attracted allot of attention, allowing him to support & perform alongside high profile acts including UK chart bands The Vamps & OPM plus more acts such as The Trinity Band and Shystie. He has also appeared on BBC 1 in 2016 for a littering campaign for the local council called 'Don't Muck Around'. Jonezy is also undergoing a campaign to raise awareness for anti bullying in which he visits schools to talk about experiences of bullying and to help those who are victim of bullying to rise up Jonezy has just released his 4th album (Stories Part 2)which has be rated very popular amongst the media and radio stations. '”On wandering into the Charny Army marquee I found an impressively sized crowd being worked up in to a frenzy by local rapper, Jonezy. There’s no doubting this young man’s enthusiasm, energy and showmanship when he’s on the stage. For a young rapper writing lyrics with a positive and generally ethical slant, it’s good to see him going down so well. With songs about anti-poverty, sentimental and true songs about his own personal situation and history, Jonezy wears his heart on his sleeve, but that takes his music to another level, one, which you can only respect. A highly entertaining and wholesome performance.' - MUSIC IN LEICESTER