Jon Jacoby

Weird turn Pro

i try to be weird and when I do I find out some one else already beat me to that weirdness. weird is now mainstream and finding true weirdness means getting phobic, psychotic, deranged and demented. Managing this as a creative frame of mind is a ridicules exercise in managing mental illness. No one likes being around it and the only place it works is on stage. Once on it's hard to turn the weird off and live with some kind of normality. My personal weird is urban phobia. When 10,000 people live in a square mile the space is toxic with specters of bad karma and evil intentions invading the base field recording all existence. Oddly in front of 10,000 people the experience is one where the audience is stimulated, subdued and subjected to weirdness and sent home to process the weird prompting many incursions into the recordings they have in their mind. My weird is a phobia and a message to humanity that our over population of cities creates social toxicity, bad karma, evil intentions, pollution, violence, electro magnetic fog that interrupts endocrine gland secretions. My personal solution is to rise above it and live as high as possible among trees, free flowing rivers streams, creeks, springs, lakes, glaciers, mountains, wildlife … living actively day to day... encountering people only in situations where they come to me to learn how to escape the bondage of gravity and the inevitable decay of society gathering in the pit we call civilization.