Jon Iverson


I run double MIDI Roland type sensors on a 59' (re) Strat cabled up to a Roland GR-30, Korg Triton rack ,D110 Roland, JV1010 Roland ,Yamaha Dom-30 and Factory Mod'd Roland SP-808. Keys : Roland D-50 and Korg DW-8000 for latch an hold surface controls. Second "pickup" is to a Factory Mod'd Roland VG-88 . Effects : Two Roland / Boss VF-1's , Yamaha Rev 100 . Sub mix through a Roland 1680 for " Vid Clic" to a Eurodesk 28 chanl. mxr. (two chnl's for Vox's one "wet" one "dry") . Amps: L-5( 2-12) / L-6 (1-15) / L-9 (1-15) Lab Series , Fender Bassman to a Duel Showman cab (2-15) ,Two VGA-7 Roland 2 x 12 each, Leslie 925 , GDEC 30 (first gen) to a Bassman 1-15 cab. PA: 2 Crown DC300 to JBL 15's and two QSC power'd 18's . Mac / PC for storage an process. Too many stomps to list i've kept over the years. Guitars: Mainly Fender / Gibson An eclectic performer with infl's tipping to Fripp, Eno, Floyd,Genisis,Shpongle,Orb an Kansas.