Johnno Dorber


I've been right into music all my life and started enjoying it listening to my father play the Beatles on his stereo. I never had much chance to play instruments until I was a teenager and played cornet in the school band but the first year that I started working I went and saw The Song Remains The Same, the Led Zeppelin movie and was blown away by Jimmy Page's guitar playing. That was a big year for me musically because I discovered Hawkwind as well. Anyway I knew that I wanted to play guitar the night I saw that movie. It took a few years before I was ready for playing in a band but I jammed with friends doing the old Blues in A for the day rut but I did meet someone who wanted a band for a party and introduced me to some guys that he knew. That was my first gig and I was hooked but the band was a one night stand. I've played with a few bands over the years and enjoy playing rock and blues but I always wanted to play some space rock. Over the years I didn't have any chance to do that because I couldn't find willing band mates but since coming to Germany to live, I have been able to take advantage of Computers and DAWs so I record my own music and play guitar and synth on them. I did have quite a long period where I didn't play guitar because everybody seemed to be a guitar player and playing keys gave me more options so I would say my early band period was as rhythm guitar but mainly I have been a keys player in bands. Now I am learning to play lead guitar and really enjoying it but I am primarily a synth player. I produce my own music and collaborate with a friend who specialises in Space Rock videos although I sometimes do my own videos. So that's the story so far.







What is music to you? What does it give you?

When I feel a shiver down my neck and get goosebumps and I am especially happy if my own music has caused that reaction in myself because I know I have found one of those rare musical moments where I have tapped into the cosmic source so to speak. Music is my oxygen and my solace. Without it I'd be lost.

What is your music dream?

My music dream is to achieve an accomplishment with both my music and my technical proficiency with my instrument that will really move and motivate people.

If you could change the world - what would you start with?

Well I'm not into music so much for the politics but my personal mission is to motivate people to explore space and to recapture that spirit of adventure. As far as changing the world goes; I think it is a basic human right to have shelter, food, medical and dental attention, education and to be looked after in the twilight years. Otherwise why are we in a civilisation?

Which is the most memorable song from your childhood?

There are many but I suppose it would be Ticket to Ride by the Beatles. There are Beatles songs that I prefer but my Dad gave me his old reel to reel recorder and it had that on the tape so I could listen to it over and play it to all the adults who I encountered. Somehow they weren't all as impressed with the Beatles as I was lol.

Who are your favorite musical artists or bands?

I have broad tastes and interests in everything so there are a lot of bands or artists. I have leveled off with the Beatles after all these years but I still like them. Moody Blues were probably my next big thing as a child and Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath. Not necessarily in that order as I was huge Zeppelin fan for many years and still love them. I pretty much learnt how to play guitar with a Led Zeppelin Complete music book. I have had a long-standing love of Space Rock and Hawkwind since about 1980 and I have expanded my likes in that genre a lot in recent years. My favourite band for the last few years is definitely Ozric Tentacles because they combine really great beat with brilliant guitar playing, bass, drums and the synthesizer just flows right through me. On top of that there are many small bands in the Space Rock and psychedelic genre that really impress me and I hear new stuff every day.