John Harmon

Looking to start a band

Hey everyone! I am looking to put a band together. One idea I have is a Dave Matthews tribute band to have some fun with their music. I can sing and play guitar or play drums in the project so if you are familiar playing the DMB catalog and are interested LMK. The other project I’d like to do is an original band collaborating on material I’ve been working on and new material we would write. For this project I’m looking for experienced musicians to play drums, bass, lead guitar, keys, backup vox, etc. I’ll cover the lead vox and rhythm guitars. If you want to play with people that love their instruments and want to make music with that as the core, reach out so we can try it out! I started my interest in music on the drums when I was 8 and guitar not long after. Since then I've focused on song writing and playing guitar and singing in bands. I’ve been in several bands over the years (playing drums, singing and guitars), played several shows and get the most satisfaction from collaborating in a band format. Putting a few creative minds in a room together and making our ideas mesh then sharing them anyone who’ll listen is what it’s all about for me.