John David Salons Band

“He has seen The Tonight Show! He has seen The Today Show! He has even seen Saturday Night Live and Ellen!"

This is typical of the phrase with which self deprecating singer/ songwriter John David Salons is introduced to the stage. And as of 2018, he has also won the first place position in the Big Chill Battle of the Bands in Hot Springs, AR- a feat that was unpredicted a year prior. A natural born entertainer, John David Salons has plied his wares as a stand up comedian and musical performer for much of his life. Fusing the two of these has become what some have described as "what you would get if Adam Sandler and David Allan Coe had a baby." Comedic in nature, and fearing no boundaries as far as content, ("If I haven't offended you, I'm sorry," says John David), his performances are laced with costumes spoofing hair metal stars, public service announcements reminding the listener to spay and neuter their pets, and song lyrics like "If you don't look like me, you're going to hell," all being done in a style best described as alt country. Since signing drummer Mike Sangster and bassist Zach Carpenter to his band in 2017, both being musical veterans of the Little Rock area and abroad, John David has decided to push what he formerly considered merely a hobby to be something more. With new recordings and venues on the horizon, this trio of friends has opted to set out and take over the known world with their own brand of infectious comedy.