Joel Newman

Joel "Jomo" Newman

A full time musician and a transplanted New Yorker, I have an eclectic musical background. I cut my teeth on blues, soul, funk and rock, studied and play jazz with some name brand teachers. I've also studied the time proven classical vocal technique of Bel Canto.  My claim to fame is I've recorded and co-wrote with Tim Curry, (of ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ fame…);  for his A&M records release "Simplicity"  produced by Michael Kamen.  I've also played what is called "the chitlin circuit" in NYC, clubs like Willie’s Lounge, the Mark IV and others in the award winning, Live at the Apollo R&B band ‘Take Cover’. Performing with musical giants such as T.M. Stevens, Dr. John, Miroslav Vitious, Dick Wagner and David Sanborn, to name a few. As you can tell, stylisically I can cover a broad range of musical styles.  I teach music out of "Duet with Music," a music store in the Frederick Md. area as well. I have recording equiptment and I am capable of making quality demos . . I write and I am interested in collaborating in original music projects, my own and others. I have good equipment and though I live up in the sticks, I have a kia soul that get's me from point A to point B all over the Mid Atlantic Region.