Joel Forteza


Joel David Forteza, A.K.A“Piro”, Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, songwriter. His first musical approximation was at the age of 11 when he started playing classical guitar with his mother, later on in teenage years passing through diverse rock bands and developing as a vocalist as well as a guitarist. Passionate about challenges since childhood, at age 22 decided to change radically his lifestyle and travel around the world with his guitar and good will. Wandering in uncertain and unknown roads he incarnate a musical lifestyle performing mostly on the streets, squares, stations and restaurants in Europe, Asia, and Middle East. Travelling over 25 countries in 4 years he composed his first original material entitled “Melodías Lechugas” (Lettuce Melodies) named after a critical period in his life in the Chilean Patagonia where he created some of his most current representative work. His style is eclectic, mixes different genres like Bossa Nova, Blues, Soul and Funk among others in a modern Southamerican rock. His voice is characterized by its original tone which ranges from low to high pitches with the passion of Tango and the smoothness of Bossa, while his lyrics portray metaphorical, as well as metaphysica,l themes about life in Spanish, English and Russian. Currently he is located in St Petersburg, Russia with his wife and daughter. BANDCAMP FACEBOOK YOUTUBE VK [email protected]