Joe Rainey


Joe Rainey is a solo artist and composer for films and video games. He has been composing for over 20 years. He has published 1 solo EP, titled Ghost EP, an is currently working on his first full length album. His work scoring for films and video games has been described by his colleagues as a cross between the music of celebrated composers Danny Elfman (film) and Nobuo Uematsu (video games). He has been producing and recording his own music throughout his career. His personal recording studio, ZeroMusic Studios, is equipped with the latest in professional music production and recording technology. Here he brings daily his expertise on sound acoustics and recording techniques to his music. Joe has a Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, and is currently earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Music Composition for Film, TV and Video Games from Berklee Online, the online division of Berklee College of Music. His future professional goals include the formation of his own Video Games and Films Scoring Company as well as his own record label, and publishing more solo albums.