Joe Quillin

a biography

Joe had already built a reputation for playing solo or with his band around London in the late Eighties when in 1992 he first toured Europe with the Mick Clarke band (guitarist with Killing Floor) playing support to many major bands including Canned Heat. Having spent a year writing and playing in Australia with Australian Crawl and the Black Sorrows, Joe returned to London where in 1995 he was winner of the Golden Plectrum Musician of the Year award. In 1996 his first e.p. 'ask me for the truth' brought him bookings at festivals such as Gaunts House, Big Green Gathering and Bracknell. Over the next four years he went on to include Camberwell, Edinburgh Fringe & Glastonbury. After two solo albums ('i love what i don't like' and 'rusty bike, shiny wheels') and a band album from power trio 'unit 7' ('what else have you got?'), Joe resettled in Hull where he played solo gigs at many venues, such as the Adelphi, Tigers' Lair and Pave, before forming the subtley renamed 'unit number 7'. Having tried out their new material at venues including the Queens, Polar Bear, the Sesh, Hollywood and Vine and The Lamp, un7 have recorded three albums (' anthropomorphisation', 'digging for an easy fortune' and 'never too late was never too soon' ) that reflect a whole new way of playing Joe's material. He has also performed over the last few years at festivals including Filey, Alchemy, Festival 8 and Cottingham Springboard. Vixen FM featured a set of unreleased piano songs on the 'foxes den' radio show, and unit number 7 have been played a number of times on humberside fm.