Jimi Mitchell

Heavy Metal guitarist/musician

I am available to do touring and studio session work for Indie and Major label Hard Rock and Heavy Metal bands. I am professional and hardworking. I will do the best job for your band to deliver the best product possible. I can also contribute song writing for your band. I have many ideas that can be brought to the writing table if you desire to have an additional writer/composer in your band. Along with this resume I have included a few songs of mine to showcase my playing and song writing abilities as a heavy metal musician. Please take a moment to review the material included with this resume. Prices for studio session work and touring are negotiable with artist and bands management. I have worked with the following musicians during my time as a solo guitarist. Joe Stump – Solo guitarist/ Holy Hell / Reign of Terror / Professor of Rock and Metal at the Berklee College of music. Ralf Scheepers – Vocalist for Primal Fear / formally of Gamma Ray and Tyran Pace Matthew Mills – Solo guitarist / Guitar instructor at Classic Axe Studios Mike Kerr – Solo guitarist / Firstbourne Adrienne Cowan – Vocalist from Seven Spires / Firstbourne ED Diaz – Solo guitarist Alex Malmstrom – Solo guitarist / Medusa INFLUENCES Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Helloween, “early”Metallica , Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force, Black Sabbath “Ozzy and Dio eras”, Slayer, Anthrax, Stratovarius, Saxon, Motorhead, Candlemass and more. Favorite genres to work with are Classic or Traditional metal, Thrash Metal, Power Metal and Glam Metal. Bio Jimi Mitchell has been playing guitar professionally since August of 2004 when he began his solo career. Since the summer of 2005 Jimi Mitchell has released 4 full length albums and 2 singles. Those titles are as follows. I’m For Real “2005” The Intimidator “2010” Majestic Nightmares“2013” Freedoms Calling“2013”, Reflections "2017", Clash of the Titans "single 2018.