Jim Gramze


Been playing piano since the age of 5. That progressed to a major in music with piano as principle instrument in college. I have a classical background, both in theory and performance. For ten years I was in a classic rock cover band, as the keyboard player. Retired now. I have built my own home music studio for writing, recording, mixing, and mastering my own music. I have no aspirations to become rich and famous, this is a serious hobby for me. I have the DAW Logic Pro, good MIDI keyboards, and a rather large library of quality virtual instruments from which to craft my music. I could be interested in a collaboration, maybe add something nice to your song, or maybe mix and master it. I don't charge anything for my work because it is play, but if money is made off my work then at that point I would like a fair share. I'm good for opinions or suggestions, either to me or from me. Buzz me if you like. Jim Gramze