Jesse Reyes


I'm a born and raised Texan. Started piano lessons when I was 13. Quit after 5 years, thought I knew it all. It all started when I first saw the Beatles on Ed Sullivan. I was hooked. At 18 I started a three piece band called "Cross" I played bass. We did everything from Cream, Hendrick, Grand Funk, and Back Sabbath. We ran the course of many our idols. Women and drugs were involved. Eventually we went our separate ways. So here I am years later craving the same old feeling of playing in front of a live audience. Boy have things changed. Most recently I have been playing with a group called "Cerveza Rd.". We have been giging out throughout the Houston/Spring TX area for the past 2 years. They were together 2 years prior to me joining. We are on a break right now and I'm not really sure if we will be starting up under current configuration. So I'm out there feeling the waters.