Jeremy Harris


Welcome to Hip Hop Artist Dsyple, King of the Mic Dsyple, king of the mic in Annapolis, MD, is a passionate hip hop artist. His music has heart. It's a moving expression of both his pain and his joy, feelings everyone can relate to. His songs deliver a positive message about living through hard times. Listen up, and be motivated and inspired. Dsyple's music is a different kind of hip-hop. It doesn't contain profanity, and listeners from Los Angeles to New York and from DC to Dallas are eager for a new and uplifting musical experience. Buy your digital downloads here. "Bet You Can't Get Like This" is about being unique. Don't try to be anyone else, just be you. "Boss" has its origins in Dsyple's own story, and how hard he's worked to live his dream and be his own boss. You'll be inspired to do the same. Reserve your copy of Dsyple's new single "Picture Perfect." It's scheduled for release May 12. Love yourself, feel good about yourself, and then put a camera on yourself. You'll take a picture of someone perfect