Evgeni Jeliazkov


Guitarist, composer and arranger Evgeni Jeliazkov was born in Haskovo, Bulgaria. His involvement and love affair with music started at a very early age, having inherited the passion from his grandfather, who played the trumpet in the town’s orchestra. Evgeni, not only concentrating in his native country, is also a notable international performer, having appeared on stages in Great Britain, Netherlands, Korea, Turkey etc. as well as an accomplished session player in a diverse array of musical styles, lending his guitar playing skills and arrangements in projects all over the world. In Bulgaria, he is known for his involvement with musical direction in talent shows, having worked with many “X-Factor”, “Music Idol and “The Voice” finalists and winners as well as a performer alongside famous Bulgarian artists such as Vasko the Patch, Neli Petkova, Konstantin Belchev, TONIKA - DOMINI, Konkurent among others. Apart from his stage appearances and his work as a session guitarist, Evgeni works as a film composer. He is the composer for most of the "BALGAR" & "Brain Damage" Animation series soundtracks. Evgeni, a keen lover of Balkan ethnic sound, injects tradition into modern music thus creating a unique blend of sound: modern, yet traditional, edgy but also soothing. Powerful yet innovating and playful, in his music, there will always be unique surprises to the listener that discovers it!